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Famous Scientists About The Quran

Keith L. Moore

“for the beyond three years, i have worked with the embryology committee of king abdulaziz college in jeddah, saudi arabia, assisting them to interpret the many statements in the quran and sunnah relating to human duplicate and prenatal development. Before everything i was astonished by way of the accuracy of the statements that were recorded within the seventh century advert, earlier than the technological know-how of embryology turned into mounted. Despite the fact that i used to be privy to the superb records of muslim scientists within the tenth century advert, and some of their contributions to medication, i knew not anything about the spiritual facts and ideals contained within the quran and sunnah.”

At a conference in cairo he provided a studies paper and said:

“it has been a remarkable pride for me to assist clarify statements inside the quran about human development. It’s far clear to me that those statements should have come to muhammad from god, or allah, because maximum of this knowledge was no longer found until many centuries later. This proves to me that muhammad must have been a messenger of god, or allah.”

T.V.N. Persaud

“it appears to me that muhammad was a very regular guy, he couldn’t read, failed to recognise the way to write, in reality he changed into an illiterate…

We’re speakme approximately 1400 years in the past, you’ve got a few illiterate person making profound statements that are amazingly accurate, of a systematic nature…

I for my part cannot see how this could be mere risk, there are too many accuracies and prefer dr. Moore, i have no problem in my mind reconciling that that is a divine proposal or revelation which lead him to these statements.”

E. Marshall Johnson

“…In precis, the quran describes no longer simplest the development of outside shape, however emphasizes additionally the inner tiers, the stages in the embryo, of its creation and development, emphasizing principal occasions identified by current technological know-how.”

“as a scientist, i’m able to best deal with things which i can mainly see. I can apprehend embryology and developmental biology. I will apprehend the phrases that are translated to me from the quran. As i gave the instance before, if i were to transpose myself into that technology, knowing what i do today and describing things, i could not describe the things that have been described…

I see no proof to refute the concept that this person muhammad had to be growing this statistics from some location… So i see not anything right here in conflict with the idea that divine intervention became concerned in what he became capable of write…”

Gerald C. Goeringer

“…In a fairly few ayahs (quranic verses) is contained a instead comprehensive description of human improvement from the time of commingling of the gametes through organogenesis. No such distinct and entire document of human improvement such as classification, terminology, and outline existed formerly. In most, if no longer all times, this description antedates by using many centuries the recording of the numerous ranges of human embryonic and fetal development recorded within the traditional scientific literature.”

Joe Leigh Simpson

“… Those hadiths (sayings of muhammad) could not have been received on the idea of the clinical expertise that became available at the time of the ‘creator’… It follows that now not handiest is there no warfare among genetics and religion (islam) but in truth religion (islam) may additionally manual technological know-how by way of including revelation to some of the conventional scientific methods… There exist statements within the quran proven centuries later to be legitimate which aid know-how within the quran having been derived from god.”

Yushidi Kusan

“i say, i am very lots inspired by using locating genuine astronomical data in quran, and for us contemporary astronomers have been reading very small piece of the universe. We’ve got concentrated our efforts for understanding of very small component. Due to the fact by way of the use of telescopes, we are able to see only very few elements of the sky without considering the complete universe. So through analyzing quran and by using answering to the questions, i think i’m able to discover my future way for investigation of the universe.”

Durja Rao

“it’s miles difficult to assume that this type of information changed into existing at that time, round 1400 years again. May be a number of the things they have got easy concept approximately, but to explain those things in extremely good element could be very hard. So that is simply no longer easy human know-how. A normal man or women can not give an explanation for this phenomenon in that a whole lot element. So, i thought the records should have come from a supernatural supply.”

Professor Armstrong

“that may be a tough question which i’ve been thinking about considering that our dialogue right here. I’m impressed at how remarkably some of the historical writings appear to correspond to trendy and latest astronomy. I’m no longer a sufficient scholar of human history to task myself absolutely and reliably into the instances that 1400 years ago could have prevailed.

Honestly, i would like to depart it at that, that what we’ve seen is extremely good, it may or might not admit of scientific rationalization, there might also properly must be some thing beyond what we recognize as ordinary human enjoy to account for the writings that we’ve got seen.”

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