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Who we are?

alsamadquranacademy.com is un-biased, non-political organization. We are not the part of any religious or political groups, are not linked to any mosques or islamic madarsas.

alsamadquranacademy.com is the best online Quran academy for kids, adults and elderly people who are interested in various distance learning Quran courses. We are the team of experienced and qualified people popular for basic and advanced Quran learning courses. To meet the modern era demands we use advanced online education tools, and combine both traditional & modern teaching methods. Learn Quran online through our regular online Quran learning classes and understand the message of God yourself. Our team is working under the guidance of many Islamic Scholars to meet the high quality standards.

How to Register?

Our online registration process is pretty simple. Just fill up the Online Registration Form or call us immediately on given contact numbers. Our team will contact you via e-mail or phone considering your availability hours. Keep in mind that due to load of work and many queries our estimated e-mail response time is 24 hours. For quick assistance you can also contact on phone. There is no registration fee for any of our Quran learning courses and you get 3 days free trial to evaluate our teaching services. No credit card information is required for free trial.

How to Pay your fee?

You can pay us through any service you prefer, Credit Card, IBAN Bank Transfer, Western Union or Money Gram.

Note: Credit Card payments are confirmed within 3-4 working days.

About the teachers

We have a dedicated training supervisor for our teachers training before going into the live class. All teachers get 1 month full-time training for revisions of Tajweed rules, modern communication skills and motivation of students. In our training program it is required that every teacher speaks good English enough for oral or written communication. Our one to one coaching method allows teachers to adopt learning style of each students for his/her comfort.

How we teach?

At an agreed upon schedule, both student and tutor come online. With the help of Skype they talk to each other sharing computer screenshots enables them to read the same lesson through their computer screen. Tutor highlights words and letters for the better understanding of Quranic script.

What you need to get started?

  • A personal laptop or computer
  • Working internet connection
  • A suitable headphone
  • Skype software installed on your computer (Download from here)

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